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Texture Dice


3D View:

  • Object Mode (TAB).
  • front view (NUMPAD1).
  • Orthographic Projection (NUMPAD5).
  • Select object Cube (RMB).
  • Properties (N)

3D View: Properties: Display:

  • [x] Texture Solid.

3D View:

  • Hide Properties (N)
K cube 00.PNG

Properties: Object Data: UV Maps:

  • Add new [+].
K cube 01.PNG

Properties: Materials:

  • Add new [+].

Properties: Textures:

  • Add new [+].
  • Type: Image or Movie.
K cube 02.PNG

Properties: Textures: Image:

  • Open cube.PNG.

Properties: Textures: Mapping:

  • Coordinates: UV.
  • Map: UVMap.
  • Projection: Flat.
K cube 03.PNG

3D View:

  • Edit Mode (TAB).
K cube 04.PNG

UV/Image Editor: Header:

  • Brows Image to be linked: cube.PNG.

3D View: Header:

  • Face Select.
K cube 05.PNG

3D View:

  • Select one face (RMB).

UV/Image Editor:

  • Box Select (B) then (LMB) the two bottom points.
  • Move up with (G) lock y (Y) press (LMB).
  • Deselect all (A).
  • Box Select (B) lock x (x) the two right points.
  • Move left with (G) hold (CTRL) press (LMB).
K cube 06.PNG
K cube 07.PNG

3D View:

  • Select one face (RMB).

Repeat the steps from UV/Image Editor till each face has a texture.

The dice rule: opposing sides = seven.

K cube 08.PNG