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New Sound System for Blender 2.5

Trying it out

Building notes

  • Libsamplerate is a dependency now, please check your distro's package repository for development packages in case you're on linux.
  • Either FFMPEG or libsndfile is required for sound loading and either SDL or OpenAL for playback.
  • Please make sure you use an up to date OpenAL version on linux. Especially debian based distributions like to have out of date software, so please use at least OpenAL Soft 1.6.
  • If you experience 100 % CPU usage on Linux, epsecially ubuntu, update to OpenAL soft 1.11 or uninstall pulse audio.

Test file

You can download a test file that pretty much shows all features here:

Future Prospects aka TODO list

  • Node like modifying of sounds (needs UI and data layer changes)
  • 3D Sound Rendering
  • Positioning sounds in 3D space
  • Maybe:
    • More audio file reading backends (Quicktime, GStreamer)
    • CD Audio
    • Microphone recording
    • Other sound sources?



I decided to use the name audaspace for the library, derived from outer space (that's also how the library's name is pronounced). Thus the files and library internals start with AUD.


The documentation on the library can be found in the header files. As it is in Doxygen format, you can simply run doxygen to get a nice html, or LaTeX documentation out of it.