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Build Tutorials

This is a WORK IN PROGRESS. Please be patient.

Tutorials Structure

  • The Beginner tutorials are step-by-step minimal guides necessary to build Blender with a given build system. They are intended to be fool-proof "getting-started" guides that should work on the first attempt.
  • The Advanced tutorials are intended to offer more in-depth guidance specific to the build system being used. These tutorials also explain how to use common build options such as a quick build or debug builds.
  • The idea behind these guides are that if you encounter a problem and manage to fix it, you should update the wiki in order to keep the build steps as up to date as possible. Please try to keep these tutorials clean and concise. For information on how to get change permission to the wiki, see the main page.
  • The official references offer more complete information and option listing for the build system.

Beginner Tutorials





Advanced Tutorials

Before reading the advanced tutorials, please read the apropriate Beginner tutorial.



How to get more information

You can usualy get some kind of help at one of these places

Official References